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2003-2007 Concept


The Concept of SHS CMS Activities in the 2003–2007 Term »

The Concept of SHS CMS Activities in the 2003–2007 Term

The Association will continue to implement its mission and goals in all respects, and in particular to

  • popularize and propagate the importance, implications and problems of the cultural heritage, especially historical settlements
  • assert the specific problems of historical settlements in the amending of existing legal norms and drafting of new ones which ensure the preservation of the cultural heritage, as well as those which have a bearing on the economic and legal status of municipalities and their economy
  • seek, and subsequently to implement, more efficient instruments to strengthen the relation of municipalities and their bodies to care of the cultural heritage, so that municipalities cope well in the coming period with the implementation of the role they have been entrusted by the reform of public administration in the system of care of the cultural heritage, in the area of their own jurisdiction as well as transferred competence
  • cooperate with organizations and institutions having objectives identical with those of the Association, and operating in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • popularize the purpose of the Association and its activities, and the activities of its members, by means including publicly accessible information and data networks.

In the 2003-2007 term of office, the Association, as an entity having a significant impact on the relation of citizens to the national cultural heritage, will carry on activities in the following areas, in which the Association will:


In the area of popularization of the cultural heritage and sustainable tourism

  • promote the major all-European educational, social and cultural event - European Heritage Days (EHD), including the presentation of cultural monuments on the Internet
  • use the International Day of Monuments and Sites to publicize the specific phenomenon of the Czech Republic - historical settlements
  • participate in transforming the general attitude of young people to the national cultural heritage, especially to local monuments, within lessons based on the syllabus, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training and the Teachers´ Association, and through actively involving young people in the EHD
  • start cooperation with entities operating in incoming tourism
  • with regard to the character of the cultural and natural heritage of the Czech republic consistently assert the principle of sustainable development of tourism
  • publish the results of regeneration of historical settlements and discuss the problems of its implementation

In the area of legislation

  • participate in continuous assessment of the functioning of the public administration following its reform, especially in areas concerning the conservation and use of the cultural heritage, and give impulses for the optimization of the system
  • when the new system of public administration is fully stabilized, and the experience from its functioning has been evaluated, it will initiate the drafting, discussion and passage of a new law on the cultural heritage, and/or amendments to other legislation concerning cultural heritage
  • use the professional expertise of members-municipalities to voice opinions on legislative norms and long-term outlooks, especially a new construction law and new tax laws.
  • in voicing opinions on laws will emphasize the creation of mechanisms to motivate the owners to take proper care of cultural monuments; on the one hand by incentives (tax reliefs, etc.), and on the other by efficient repression wherever the owners do not fulfil their duty of proper maintenance.

In the area of cooperation with the regions

  • establish and extend cooperation with the Regions´ Association and the Commission for Culture and Monument Conservation in care of the cultural heritage
  • cooperate with the regions - regional offices through the relevant regional sections, especially in the formation of the concept of care of monuments and regional development

In the area of financing the care of immovable cultural heritage

  • strive for the annual volumes of public finances earmarked for care of the cultural heritage to have
    a tendency of progressive growth, and will insist on the creation of a balanced system of the spending of financial resources from the state, the regions and municipalities that will ensure maximum effectiveness of these expenditures (especially linkage and follow-up between the state, regional and municipal systems of subsidies).
  • strive for the financial proceeds from monuments to be returned in a transparent form at least in part into the care of the cultural heritage
  • support the drafting and passage of a law on a state-guaranteed fund to promote tourism
  • seek ways to use pre-structural and/or structural funds of the European Union for the benefit of the restoration of cultural monuments
  • strive for the Association to be involved as an expert guarantor for subsidies from the European Union
  • play the role of a provider of efficient assistance to historical settlements, which intend to apply for Council of Europe and European Union projects for cultural heritage

In the area of systems serving to inform and educate primarily its members

  • improve the quality of all statutory bodies of the Association and their linkage; the reform of public administration and the change in the Association Statutes bring a fundamental change in the internal organization of the Association, its bodies are being restructured, especially on the regional level - and this brings changes also in the activities of the organization: intensified work in the regional sections, which must become a broad platform of the exchange of experiences and opinions on the solution of problems in the regions not only among the municipalities, cities and their districts, but also in discussions with the regions, institutes for the preservation of cultural heritage, and other entities
  • build an information and communication medium among the members, that could also be used by the public, because fast and efficient communication within the membership is a prerequisite for successful implementation of the plans of the Association, communication that will include feedback and a regular supply of information - this will be served by the new web site of the Association, and especially the part with authorized access
  • carry on the experience of the past years and continue organizing conferences and seminars on topical subjects, also for the interested broad public; it will publish the results of these expert activities
  • to the maximum extent make available to its members information on the educational activities of other entities in their area of interest

In the area of European integration and international cooperation

  • systematically implement the above listed tasks, and thus help our integration into Europe, because cultural heritage is a tool to promote reconciliation and mutual understanding, as well
    as a factor having an impact on social and economic development
  • monitor the activities of the Council of Europe and the European Union in the area of care of the cultural heritage, communicate the information to its members, and possibly participate in them
  • continue to cooperate with organizations and institutions abroad having objectives identical with those of the Association, and establish new contacts.

In Třeboň 21 March 2003

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