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About the Association

The Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (SHS ČMS) is helping to create conditions and instruments for the preservation and permanently sustainable use of the cultural heritage. Its attention is focused on historical settlements, but does not neglect other monuments, the immovable and movable heritage, and the traditional folk culture.

The Association is a voluntary, special-interest, non-party, and non-governmental organization primarily of historical municipalities or their parts. The activities of the Association are governed by the Statutes. The bodies of the Association are the Convention, Committee, Presidium, Audit Commission, and regional sections.

The fifth regular Convention set the Concept of SHS ČMS Activities in the 1999-2003 term. Professional commissions and expert groups, comprised of Association members and invited experts, have been set up to implement the Concept and address topical problems.

The Association was established at the initiative of east Bohemian towns in Litomyšl in November 1990. The reason was the then very sorry state of monuments, monument reserves and zones in particular. On 1 December 2012, the Association had 212 members, including 204 full members (villages, towns and their parts), and 8 associate members.

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