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Association Activities


Asscocitaion Activities

All activities of the Association are focused on the creation of conditions and effective instruments for the preservation and permanently sustainable use of the cultural heritage, and especially on the regeneration of historical settlements. To reach these goals, and so to fulfil the purpose of its existence, the Association in particular:

  • popularises and propagates the importance, implications and problems of the cultural
    heritage - especially historical settlements,
  • arranges social and publicity events (lectures, exhibitions, expert seminars, conferences and the like) open to the public,
  • asserts the specific problems of historical settlements in the amending of legal norms and drafting of new laws, which have a bearing on the economic and legal status of municipalities and their economy,
  • co-operates with organizations and institutions having objectives identical with those of the Association, and operating in the Czech Republic and abroad.

and last but not least

  • publishes printed matter and web sites propagating the cultural heritage, especially historical sites, and their problems and specific features,
  • popularises and makes public the purpose of the Association and its activities, and the activities of its members.
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