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Prize of the Regeneration Programme

Prize for the Best Preparation and Implementation of UMR and UMZ Regeneration Programme


International Monuments and Sites Day (IMSD)

The Prize for the Best Preparation and Implementation of the Regeneration Programme of Urban Monument Reserves (UMR) and Urban Monument Zones (UMZ)

When the UMR and UMZ Regeneration Programme became fully established in the life of historical sites, the Association has come up with the idea to award the projects which achieve the best results. The decree setting up the Prize for the Best Preparation and Implementation of the Programme of Regeneration of UMR and UMZ was signed on 2 November 1994, on the basis of Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No.209/1992. The signatories of the document were representatives of the institutions-guarantors of the Prize - the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Economics (later substituted by the Minister for Regional Development) and the President of the SHS ČMS.

The Prize consists of a monumental work of art from Bohemian crystal, produced by the Rueckl Crystal, a.s., glassworks in Nižbor, which symbolizes historical settlements (it is a property of the Association, and the names of the Prize winners are being added in a blank space on the art work);
a replica of the Prize is presented to the winning municipality. The award includes a commemorative graphic sheet and the financial amount of 1 000 000 CZK.

The Prize was awarded for the first time in 1995, and the winner, the town of Svitavy, received it during the SHS CMS 3rd Regular Convention. Since 1996 the Prize has been presented at ceremonial sessions which mark at the same time the International Monuments and Sites Day (IMSD). The first IMSD ceremony took place in the Knights Hall of the Wallenstein Palace in Prague on 18 April 1996. Thanks to the understanding and kindness of the Office of the President of the Republic and the Prague Castle Administration, the ceremonies have been organized since April 1997 in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle by all the three founders of the Prize - the Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, in co-operation with the Czech National Committee of the ICOMOS and the Office of the President of the Republic.

On 16 April 1999 the assembly of mayors, highest officials of constitutional bodies and ministries, experts of state-run monument care, representatives of the state administration, non-profit organizations and the churches was honoured by the visit of President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel.


Prize winners to date

ceremonial session date Prize for previous year won by the town of also nominated for Prize besides the winner
27th April 1995 Svitavy  
18th April 1996 Kadaň Třeboň
18th April 1997 Třeboň Jimramov, Klášterec nad Ohří, Štramberk
17th April 1998 Kroměříž Budyně nad Ohří, Kutná Hora
16th April 1999 Klášterec nad Ohří Jindřichův Hradec
17th April 2000 Kutná Hora Jindřichův Hradec, Litomyšl
17th April 2001 Litomyšl Česká Kamenice, Loket, Prachatice
17th April 2002 Nový Jičín Františkovy Lázně, Prachatice
17th April 2003 Prachatice Chrudim, Příbor
28th April 2004 Spálené Poříčí Karviná, Nové Hrady
27th April 2005 Františkovy Lázně Boskovice, Česká Kamenice
18th April 2006 Česká Kamenice Polná, Uherské Hradiště
18th April 2007 Polná Cheb, Šternberk
16th April 2008 Jindřichův Hradec Uherské Hradiště, Šternberk
16 th April 2009 Šternberk Beroun, Jilemnice
13th April 2010 Beroun Jilemnice, Uherské Hradiště
19th April 2011 Znojmo Prachatice, Polička
17th April 2012 Uherské Hradiště Chrudim, Kutná Hora

18 April … International Monuments and Sites Day (IMSD)

The day on which UNESCO member states organize events which serve to popularize and highlight the importance of preserving monuments and historical sites for the continuity of culture and civilization.

The day was observed for the first time in Tunisia in 1983. Following the proposal of the delegations of Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal, France, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil, the UNESCO General Conference adopted at its November 1983 session in Paris a resolution by which the UNESCO member states declared 18 April International Monuments and Sites Day. In the Czech Republic the initiative has been adopted by the ICOMOS Czech National Committee, which in 1991 - 1995 held seminars on the occasion of the IMSD for the professional public.

The SHS CMS realized soon after its founding the importance of the IMSD for the publicizing of its objectives and its mission. However, it took a long five years before each 18 April could be associated in our country too with the prestigious celebration of the feast of monuments and historical sites, which allows a fortunate combination of the observance of the IMSD with the ceremony of prize awards for attainments in the area of monument care.

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