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“International Heritage Photographic Experience” Competition

In 2007, the Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia was asked by the main organizer – the Council of Europe – to arrange the competition in this country under its auspices. The Association gladly agreed and the result has been three successful editions. The competition ends with the presentation of prizes and diplomas on the occasion the International Monuments and Sites Day in a ceremony at Prague Castle, this year on 15 April.


The “International Heritage Photographic Experience” competition is one of the major cultural heritage events of young people. More than 25 000 of them from 58 countries of the world took part in it in 2009. The competition gave them an opportunity to become acquainted with the cultural heritage of their own countries and the nations worldwide.


The competition is designed for pupils and students of elementary and secondary schools who send to the Association Secretariat photographs expressing the main ideas of the European Heritage Days (


The event is to boost interest and knowledge of our cultural heritage, historic buildings and gardens, landscapes and towns, and monuments of great value and exceptional splendour.


More than a “photographic” event the competition is an experience with the heritage of arts and monuments, and so themes, which could be interesting photographically, but do not match this intention must be avoided.


The winners of the competition will be rewarded with very interesting and valuable prizes donated by the Zoner Company.


In view of the great international prestige of the competition, the Association has decided to send the contestants who win the first three places to the ceremony in Strasbourg. They will have an opportunity to meet their colleagues from other countries, get to know European institutions, and gain invaluable experience.

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